Nice to meet you, I’m Alberto Sánchez Merino, today’s user of this blog, I can’t tell when(for now) but this post will be updated frequently, at least once a week by me, Rafa or León.

  • We arrived at Malta yesterday, 13th March 2017, so I decided that it would be nice to tell you my day.


It’s 6:00 am alarm sounds, hand smashes alarm, I wake up and have a shower, as fast as I can I give a last look at my room, I think I don’t leave anything important behind. It’s about 6:30 am now, my father is waiting in the car, so I grab my backpack and pet my dog Chester one last time, who barely notices me as he is looking for my father(dog’s things). I get out of our flat in Móstoles and then she locks up the place, we get down and proceed to go to T1 Barajas. I’m not going to talk about the car chat or about the car Jam you have to go trought to get to Barajas…

Once in Barajas parking we get my bag and my backpack and proceed to Ryanair’s check in place, only after we go for a walk in the T1, of course we knew where the  Ryanair’s check in  was but we wanted to go for a walk first. Once there you have to hand over your bag to a nice blonde lady who measures the weight, puts a sticker on it and presses a button, and your bag dissapears carried by a conveyer belt. Then I went for a breakfast with my family, a “muffin” and a coffee and I spend the last moments with my family chatting and having a good time.

As my mates arrive and check in too, we say our farewells to our familes and proceed to the Police control of the airport, where I basically strip before going trought a metal detector that “BEEPS”…okay, stay calm I’m not a terrorist and I don’t have any “catapult” with me(you should check what things are restricted on a flight, some are hilarious). The policeman  decides that I have face of drug dealer and proceeds to touch my hands  with a piece of paper lloking for traces of drugs…How strange I’m clean, my night job seems that remains hidden(ups I just confessed)

My flight consists on sleeping, waiking up, sleeping  again, reading a book I carry with me, “The Illustrated Man” and as soon as that we are in Malta (about 2 hour  20 min flight aproximately)

But you are missing the Important point by now HEY-WE-ARE-IN-MALTA-WOHOOO!


Once In Malta a guy sent by Paragon, the company we contacted to find the companies and facilites to live here receives us and  gives us a packet, in my case, whit my talinja card(that I bought about a month ago, it lets you use the public transport system using funds that you recharge as it gets empty). He transports us to or flat here in Malta(and I’m not giving the address just for some securtiy and that things you shouldn’t do on the internet:) ). And I mean Transports, literally, here in Malta they use some “Micro bus” for things like this or like “macro taxis”.

And now let me speak clear: there may be some exceptions but Maltese people drive mad, I feelt scared serious, and still do. Firstly, as angloxason culture, they drive on the left side (Spain uses the right side) and the right side is for driving even faster. And I say this because the mechanics of Malta are: Drive fast, try not to brake, brake in the last second and place some claxon sounds between all of it.

And I really mean it, not just this guy, Bus drivers are even more crazy, the only thing left for them to do is throw things and bumping the other cars…

In the “car” we meet other guys from Spain that have contacted Paragon too. And are in the Erasmus Programm too, they came from Palencia and studied “Company Administration” and the other group studied”Electricity”, we arrive at our flat were Rafa and I will spend the next three months and watch how León leaves in the “car” in direction to his flat, that is about 1 hour away in bus…

We get into our flat and meet our flat mate who has been here for a week now and after some initial moments where the three of us try to comunicate in English, we ear the other Sapniards and then he says: “Ah, que soys españoles!” as we answer whit a typical Spanish: “Anda c%ñ”, encantados de conocerte tio”.

At this Point, sorry mom, sorry teachers, yes, we spend the next hour checking some documents and speaking whit our flat mate in Spanish, but we are talking now in english even between us, promise.

As he had to leave for some english classes we meet whit the other spaniards and leave looking for something to eat and some supplies for daily live. After eating, we decided that it was still early and went to  “Valleta” as Tourist, and going back to our flat we look for a supermarket desperately, as almost everyting closes around 19:00(7:00pm). We got something to eat the next morning, went back to our flat, spend some time puting or clothes in place, the food in the fridg and everyting you do when you arrive  at some new place.

I haven’t told but, our flat is BIG but empty. I mean it is big and is completely equiped to live here..but I beleive ealmost everyone knows a place that it just feels “empty”… I will keep you posted in future updates and upload some pictures

For now, thats all Folks, have a nice day and don’t feel bad if you haven’t read all this text. I can’t blame you as it’s VEEEEEEEEEEERY LONG.

Thank you for visiting our blog and have a nice day!, Alberto.

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